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The company was started in 1987 as a home industry business in Bogor, Indonesia. Lina Hartaty Tanuwidjaja, the founder, started with passion and love in designing dresses for little girls. The strong innovative design, the refined elegance of the materials used, the consistent quality, and the punctual delivery have been the distinguishing elements since the beginning of production. Linanamed this company after one of her two daughters: Angelina.


In 1990s, Angelina caught the attention of international buyers and soon orders were placed mainly for the Middle East market.In 2000, the home industry evolved until it became an industrial reality: PT. Angelina Kartika Timur Cemerlang. In our years of service, we have experienced many ups and downs and with those, came changes that have shaped us even stronger as a company in doing what we do.


Most recently, the company continues to grow in the international market and the local market by introducing its in-house brand, “Princessa”, in Indonesia’s leading department stores. Our products are now present in different parts of the world – Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Asia Pacific, USA and Indonesia.


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